Inspirational and practical courses. All made by experienced entrepreneurs. Learn while you develop your business.

Know-how members to help you develop your business. Find an entrepreneurs to match your ambitions.

As entrepreneur you mostly go solo. At Feronia Academy you can create together with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Memberships to fit your goals

First 100 members get a free membership

Kickstarter: Starting entrepreneurs, including the course “kickstart your idea to a business” (€ 75,-)

Entrepreneur: All entrepreneurs who want to learn & create together with likeminded entrepreneurs (€ 50,-)

Know-how partner: Experienced entrepreneurs who want to share their know-how and give coaching (€ 75,-)

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Kickstart your idea to a business

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“Feronia Academy makes courses created by entrepeneurs available for a broad audience. Have you developed a course you would like to add to Feronia Academy? Let’s team up!

Baukje Kleinbekman – founder | entrepreneur | marketeer | instructor

Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

we believe we can all prosper if we learn & create together

Feronia Academy is a community of entrepreneurs who want to learn & create together. Our shared purpose is ‘prosperity for all in a flourishing world’. We all work together to make this happen because we know that together we can go further than alone. Experienced entrepreneurs share what they have learned. Aspirational entrepreneurs share new approaches and visions. We love how we are all different but the same and complimentary to each other. We inspire each other and we believe sharing is what makes us human. We Pay It Forward.

the FERONIA ACADEMY community

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