You have an idea for a business

But where to start…

The ‘Kickstart your idea to a business’ course,
will step by step transform your initial idea

Invest 1 month

It depends on time you can invest, but if you can free +20 hours a week it will take 1 month to transform your idea.

Private course

Your business idea stays private during this course. I will not ask you to share it. If you have questions you can use the forum!

Result: your business set up

With each lesson your idea will develop further. End result: a business set-up and marketing strategy.

Learn marketing skills

Do market research, create a manifesto, vision board and more. Use my 25+ years marketing experience to skip beginners levels.

You will create a journal to keep
all analyses, ideas and notes together

No drawing skills required!

Invest € 75,-

Study at your own pace and get assistance through the special course forum.

Looking forward
to assist you

Each day has a new opportunity for entrepreneurs

Take yours, enroll in this course and transform your idea to a business.