I love the inspiration that comes from encounters with new experiences. And this has always been a large part of my professional passion as well: seeing possibilities and creating opportunities for others to develop. Since 2006 my focus has been on marketing positions with a social impact in international settings. It led me to Ecuador, Ethiopia and Uganda to share my marketing and entrepreneurial skills. My wish to support many more people in realising their professional dreams, resulted in developing this online transformation course.

I contribute my 25+ years of experience, in a diversity of marketing disciplines and industries, so organisations can develop business models to create long term impact. My knowledge of production techniques, processes and logistics combined with an engineering mindset and my instinct for what can work (and what will be the weakest link) enables me to translate organisations abstract thoughts and ideas and connect those to (future) needs. I love simplifying complex matters, experimenting and creating new varieties. All this is incorporated in this course. So you can start like a pro!

I look forward to assist you!

Transform your idea to a business.
My 25+ years of experience will enable you to skip beginners levels.

Feronia Academy

My middle name, Feronia is the name of a goddess. Originaly Sabine (region in central Italy at one point in history) but adopted by the Romans into their religion. Feronia was mostly known as the godess of freedom but also known as the goddess of wildlife, fertility and abundance. Feronia was known for her vital force that was used for good. Her places of worship (in Italy), where people from many nations met, were always in the woods. The first academy ever, started by Plato, was also under the trees, in an olive orchard, and during the European renaissance the academy came into use for a place of learning for visionairs.

I hope that Feronia Academy will be your place of freedom to learn and create. Literarly under the tree if you like.