“My wish to support many more young people in realizing their professional dreams resulted in initiating Feronia Academy. Let's team up!.”

Baukje Kleinbekman, initiator Feronia Academy

Our Manifesto

Feronia Academy is a community of entrepreneurs who want to learn & create together. Our shared purpose is ‘prosperity for all in a flourishing world’. We all work together to make this happen because we know that together we can go further than alone. Experienced entrepreneurs share what they have learned. Aspirational entrepreneurs share new approaches and visions. We love how we are all different but the same and complimentary to each other. We inspire each other and we believe sharing is what makes us human. We Pay It Forward.


Collaboration of entrepreneurs

Our vision is that ability and solidarity provide opportunity to more prosperity. All collaborating in Feronia Academy allign around the shared purpose. All are entrepreneurs since an employee culture is not compliant with the core values. We share the work and the wealth and protect collective value. We zip specialised modular teams together as needed and distribute leadership; integrating local information with global vision. Low-investment experiments drive innovation. Simple rules and feedback loops trigger tipping point decisions. Diversity and indepence is cultivated and we communicate through, two-way, always open conversations.

We set goals together

Feronia Academy generates income from memberships. With this we facilitate learning & creating together. Online and offline. Profit is invested in further development of Feronia Academy. Each year the coöperation board sets and updates development priorities based on direct consultation her members. All core team members; course facilitators, co-creation facilitators, technical partners, data security partners, external course developers, knowledge partners and information partners, can be invited to become a coöperation ascociate. They have a vote in the development priority during the general annual meeting.
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Feronia Academy

Feronia Academy is a place where every entrepreneur can join up to learn & create together. Our shared purpose is ‘prosperity for all in a flourishing world’ and we all work together to make this happen.
Feronia is the name of a goddess. Originaly Sabine (region in central Italy at one point in history) but adopted by the Romans into their religion. Much has been written about what type of godess she was. Feronia was mostly known as the godess of freedom but also known as the goddess of wildlife, fertility and abundance. Feronia was known for her vital force that was used for good. Her places of worship (in Italy), where people from many nations met, were always in the woods.
The first academy ever, started by Plato, was in an olive orchard and during the European renaissance the academy came into use for a place of learning for visionairs.

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