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My idea a business? – Worksheet

Use Feronia Academy’s handy free worksheet to check if  your idea has potential to become a business!

Do you have an idea that you would like to earn money with? Maybe your idea is something many people are enthousiastic about. Maybe they said to you “you should sell this”. But you know, not every idea has the potential to become a business or a way to earn money. Better find out before you start!

Let me help you with a first check to see if there is potential. I have created a handy worksheet of the potential check in lesson 4 of the online course “Transform your idea to a business”. A great way to take the first step and see if your idea could become a business.

Happy checking!

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Baukje Kleinbekman

With my 25+ years of experience in a diversity of marketing disciplines and industries I assist organisations with developing (re)new(ed) products, concepts or services to accelerate business development. I greatly enjoy enabling aspirational entrepreneurs to develop their initial idea towards a business. That’s why I developed this course and I look forward to assist you while you turn your idea into a business!