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Ikigai – Worksheet

According to Japanese tradition everyone has an Ikigai, a reason for being. In daily life wording: your Ikigai is the reason you get out of bed in the morning. Since we spend quite some time a day on working, it is great when our work aligns with our reason for being. It gives purpose to how we earn our income. But also if makes us more inspired in our work. Being in marketing for over twenty years and in such diverse industries and roles I was attracted by this idea of Ikigai. Sometimes work felt like making a tremendous effort and sometimes it was the best way to spend my day. What made the difference? I decided reading more about it and recently made my personal Ikigai visual.

My Ikigai is: ‘Developing ideas into new business opportunities for more prosperity in a flourishing world’.

Create your Ikigai

With this worksheet (download) you can also create your Ikigai visual and get more clarity on aligning your work with your reason for being.

Baukje Kleinbekman

With my 25+ years of experience in a diversity of marketing disciplines and industries I assist organisations with developing (re)new(ed) products, concepts or services to accelerate business development. I greatly enjoy enabling aspirational entrepreneurs to develop their initial idea towards a business. That’s why I developed this course and I look forward to assist you while you turn your idea into a business!